Choose Again 6-Step Weekly Circle Group

Co-facilitated by Carole Glauser and Barbara Eckard

Who: Open to all
When: Every Thursday evening from 7 PM to 9:30 PM
Where: Pause for Inspiration office space near Page and Warson (1567 N. Warson Rd.)

Attitudinal Healing International trained facilitators offer this combination ACIM-Attitudinal Healing sharing group which practices using Diederik Wolsak’s Choose Again 6-Step Process to cultivate Awareness, acknowledge and examine upsets/grievances, uncover hidden ego belief patterns, offer self-forgiveness leading to a newfound sense of freedom, and release the little ego self that I made up so I can embrace the True Self and the Truth of who I really am—Divine Love.
When we identify with our ego identity we are believing a lesser, limited version of ourselves. Everything in your life is the result of your thoughts and your thoughts are chosen by your beliefs. So, that means that if you want a different outcome—a different reality—you must change your mind about who you think you are. This Choose Again 6-Step Process is a way out, a path to freedom.
Newcomers are required to RSVP and attend a one-time orientation meeting at 6:30 PM prior to start of meeting at 7 PM.
For more information or to RSVP please contact Carole at (314) 570-5704,