Carole Glauser, Jerry Jampolsky, Corinne Esneault and Julie MorrealeCarole Glauser, Corinne Esneault and Julie Morreale with founder of Attitudinal Healing, Gerald Jampolsky, M.D

Attitudinal Healing St. Louis began in early 2011. Our primary focus is on the healing power of love, forgiveness and one-ness. This transformation occurs through ordinary people in extraordinary support groups. Participants meet once a week for 10 weeks where they read, study, share and apply the 12 principles of Attitudinal Healing found in Gerald Jampolsky’s book Teach Only Love. These small groups provide a safe place where trained facilitators support individuals as they learn to shift their thoughts from fear to love, in a confidential and caring environment. Most importantly, we recognize our one-ness in that we are teachers and students of each other on this path of healing our minds.

In 1975, Dr. Gerald Jampolsky founded the "Center for Attitudinal Healing" in Tiburon, California, a place where children and adults with life threatening illnesses could practice peace of mind as an instrument of spiritual transformation and inner healing.  Attitudinal Healing is practical spirituality that frees the mind from pain of the past and the fear of the future so that anyone, regardless of circumstances, can embrace their life and relationships with joy.  Attitudinal Healing is world wide; there are over 140 groups and 40 centers in 28 countries supported by Attitudinal Healing International www.ahinternational.org