Who We Are

Julie Morreale and Corinne Esneault


Attitudinal Healing St. Louis is a 501(c)3 corporation. Our Board consists of:

Julie Morreale, President, Corinne Esneault, Vice-President/Secretary, Carole Glauser, Treasurer,

All are trained facilitators through Attitudinal Healing International: www.ahintenational.org. Each of them bring unique skills and life experiences in their facilitation of the Attiudinal Healing groups. The Board members are also involved members of the Course in Miracles community in St. Louis. www.acimstlouis.org

Julie Morreale, M.Ed. LPC is a licensed professional counselor and a retired teacher. It was Julie's dream to bring Attitudinal Healing to St. Louis. She completed her facilitator training in 2005.

Corinne Esneault, MA is a trained healing listener, A Course in Miracles group facilitator and Caregiver Support Group facilitator at Eliot Unitarian Chapel in Kirkwood, Missouri, which is where the majority of the Attitudinal Healing groups are held. She is retired from a career in physical medicine and rehabilitation services. Corinne has been facilitating Attitudinal Healing groups since 2011.

Carole Glauser, MA received her training as an Attitudinal Healing faciltator in 2014 at the International Conference on Attitudinal Healing, which celebrated 40 years of A.H. world-wide. Carole is also the primary facilitator for the Choose Again support group of which she received in-depth training in Costa Rica and in the U.S. Carole serves on the board of ACIM St. Louis and she serves on a board which advocates for cancer research and patient advocacy. Carole's career was in publishing.