The Bracelet

"It is an illusion to believe that our lives are separate from each other. Healing is focusing on our interconnectedness with each other and all living things." We simply are not separate from one another." Jerry Jampolsky, Teach only Love

While traveling from Charlottesville, Virginia, to Staunton, we stopped at a rest stop. It was early morning, and we were driving home from a visit with my husband's daughter and her family. It was mid-October, and the skyline of the Blue Ridge Parkway was not yet visible. The fog hung low over the Appalachian Mountains obstructing our view of the display of brilliant, fall colors that decorated the landscape. Rain was spitting as I got out of the car and ran into the rest stop for a quick trip to the restroom.

As I entered the restroom, there was an older woman cleaning and mopping the floor; there was a welcome smell of cleanliness. I was grateful for her efforts even though I didn't say anything to her except "good morning." While I was in a stall, I overheard a conversation between the cleaning lady and another visitor. Unlike me, this visitor was not just "thinking" about the good job that the lady was doing but "thanking" her for her efforts. She must have given the cleaning lady something because I heard her say: "Thank-you so much! I do need help with my balance these days!"

"Well, then, "replied the giver, "My wish for you is balance…I hope it helps and blessings to you!"

How nice, I thought, to recognize and acknowledge the goodness that is in everyone…my heart was touched by her gesture of love and kindness. Wow… inspiration in a bathroom! I wanted to see her face, so I took longer to wash my hands hoping she would come out of the stall. As I held my hands under the warm air dryer, she appeared.

Jerry says, "it is helpful to think of everyone we meet as our spiritual co-joined twin. If we truly do this consistently, we will not want to judge or attack anyone because it would be attacking ourselves as well."

She was tall with stylish, long blond hair and beautifully dressed. My first thought was that we were probably the same age, and her hair was the same color as mine.

"I'm on my way to visit my son," she said cheerfully to me

"We are just returning from a visit with my husband's daughter." I answered, thinking about what a great visit we had with her and her family. I thought about our goodbye hugs this morning as we left early for our 14 hour drive home.

"I love that shirt you are wearing! Where did you get it?"

As I was trying to remember where I bought it, she came over to me and handed me a silver bracelet.

"Here…this is for you and blessings to you on your journey home. May your day be blessed and filled with love." She had a lovely smile on her face.

There was something engraved on the bracelet; we read it together while she helped me fasten it on my wrist.

"A mother's love is the first gift we know…One we never outgrow"

"Thank-you so much!" Then we hugged goodbye, and she quickly left…

"Blessings to you!" she shouted as she ran to her car.

"And to you, too!" I shouted back.

I looked at the bracelet and remembered that woman who, for a brief moment in time connected with me. Jerry tells us that," Love blesses all who recognize wholeness." I felt peaceful and happy; the bracelet's message about a mother's love was significant. I recognized the gift of love with all the children and grandchildren that are in my life; the circle of the bracelet helped me see our connection to each other.

As we drove on our way in the fog and drizzling rain, suddenly the clouds lifted in an instant exposing the glorious colors in nature. There were no clouds to dim the rippling light of love unfolding in my heart.

After I got home, I continued to drop pebbles of love when I passed on the bracelet to another mother with a blessing.

Jerry tells us that, "The healed mind, the undivided mind sends forth blessings that are like pebbles of love dropped into a lake, creating ripples of love that travel farther than our eyes can see and affect every part of the lake. Love has a ripple effect."