Captain Love Finder

"A shift in perception from looking at the appearance of others to seeing the innocent heart we all share brings nothing less than the experience of Heaven." Jerry Jampolsky, Teach only Love

Children are innocent hearts of love.

The greatest gift my adult children have given me is grandchildren. After a painful divorce from their dad fifteen years ago, I felt alone and sad; I was lost in grief and my heart and mind were closed in defense. I felt imprisoned by my emotions of anger and disappointment in myself. I sometimes wondered if I would find love again.

A magical key that unlocked my heart was indeed love that appeared in the bodies of eight little miracles; five boys and three girls that light up my life like the stars in the night. These grandchildren have opened my mind and heart in wonder and awe of the enormous capacity of the human heart to love and heal. Through them, I feel renewed, inspired, young and alive. I see them often and each one of them is a constant reminder to shift my perception and see beyond appearances and behaviors to the true innocence of love that is in all of us.

Each time I am with them, I am thankful for the opportunity to share in their lives. I have been blessed to physically care for all of them through infancy to school age. I have fed them, rocked them, diapered, bathed, dressed, fixed hair, read to them, danced, run, pushed strollers, sang songs, held hands, kissed cheeks, and wiped away tears… all of this love is a priceless gift. As I love them with a never ending love, my love for their parents has also increased. Sometimes, I have tears of joy flowing (like right now) when I just think of them, and I am grateful to God for such blessings.

Yesterday, I found love in my four year old grandson disguised as Captain America. Each Monday, I  baby sit for my daughter's three boys while she works; They are a trio of tremendous energy and great fun.

As Halloween approaches, the selection of a costume is of utmost importance and her middle son is especially proud of his selection this year. He is Captain America. Ironically, He is very small in stature but large in his mental capacity. I sometimes refer to him as "Mega Mind." He knew his alphabet and numbers when he was two, and when I talk with him, I sometimes forget his age. He has no problem correcting me if I misinterpret any facts in a story, movie or song lyrics. Sometimes, his accelerated mind gets him in trouble for being "sassy" to his mom, but I think he is funny nevertheless.

He has the face of an angel with petite features except for his wide, expressive eyes that are like his mother's. I know that his mom is concerned about his small size, but his large personality certainly fits his super hero costume! His costume has padded muscles sewn into the arms and chest, and he carries the all powerful shield of protection. His mask fits over his head and face leaving his expressive eyes visible. He wears the costume constantly; he even sleeps in it when his mom allows.

The story of Captain America is much like him. He is a young man unable to pass a physical because he is too small to join the military during WWI. He then becomes part of an experiment that turns him into a super hero that goes on to save mankind during the war, and becomes a symbol of pride and justice for America. Like his hero, he seems to transform when he puts on the costume. There is no shyness in showing the world who he really is…costumes can do that sometimes.

As I was leaving his house yesterday, his mom and I were walking to my car and talking about the day. He came outside with us, and was busy riding his bike with his costume on. I had tried to kiss him goodbye, but he ran away.  I saw no fault in this, and instead waved goodbye to him and shouted…"Bye, Captain America!" and I started to get in my car.

"Wait a minute Grandma!" he shouted as he came running towards me. I had to brace myself when I saw the speed that he was approaching. In a brief moment that followed, my eyes filled with tears of love and joy. I kneeled to his level and received a rare hug. As I felt his little arms tight around my neck, I whispered in his ear…"I love you"…And in the next instant, he was off in a flash!

Tears filled my eyes as I heard my daughter's words, "Now, THAT'S a special moment that rarely happens!" She was smiling, and was touched by his demonstration of affection for me.

I drove away, moved and renewed by the power of love, and grateful to share a moment with the innocent heart of my little Captain America; a Super hero of love.