Cereal Angel

"Projection and blame destroy our peace, our happiness, and our sense of oneness, and it does nothing for our problems." Jerry Jampolsky, Teach only Love

I had finished exercising at the YMCA and headed home when I remembered that I needed some items from the grocery store. Near the grocery store is a favorite spot where I reward myself after exercising. I love an iced mocha drink  and sipping it while grocery shopping is very pleasant. The store was not its usual chaotic place since the holidays are over, and so I took my time to look for the items that I needed. I didn't have a list, so I was trying to remember what I needed when I was on the cereal aisle when I looked at the time. Suddenly, I remembered that my husband was coming home early so that we could attend an important meeting together. If I didn't hurry it up, I would be late. In that moment, the experience of shopping that I had been enjoying changed.

I focused on being late, doing something wrong, disappointing my husband, and even missing the meeting because he would leave without me. This thinking led to confusion, and I forgot what I needed on the cereal aisle. As I was standing there looking at the vast amount of choices of cereal ready to make a selection, a lovely young woman came up to me. "How many calories are in that cereal? That is, if it is important to you to count calories… I am on a weight gain program and I need to eat calories… of course, you don't need to deal with that; you look amazing …in such good shape!"

She opened her coat to reveal a tiny little body clothed in the most recent fashion. She reminded me of Sarah Jessica Parker from the "Sex and the City" television show… also a favorite of mine. There was an uninhibited exuberance about her. She continued to talk very fast but instead of being annoyed at having to stop and listen to her, I was strangely fascinated by her conversation. I forgot about being late and the compliment also caught my attention. She continued to talk…"Have you ever tried this cereal? OH! It is the BEST! My son eats tons of it! I tell you, sometimes cereal is like eating chocolate! Soooo good! I'm from LA and believe me, I have tried them all!"

I suddenly found myself reaching for her son's favorite cereal; it was actually one that I liked too. When I heard she was from California, I immediately liked her even more…after all; the west coast is the home of Jerry Jampolsky and Attitudinal Healing. There are no coincidences in this life… people appear in our lives when we need them…even when choosing cereal.

I thanked her for her advice and as I walked away, I smiled thinking of what an enjoyable moment that had been. She took me out of my blaming and shaming of myself for being late to smiling and appreciating our lovely encounter.

Consequently, I arrived home, unpacked my groceries, changed my clothes and attended the meeting on time. I was calm and pleasant with my husband and those in the meeting and I helped make important decisions with others. Later, we had a lovely dinner with other family members.

Difficulties suddenly melt into opportunities to see myself and the world differently when viewed with the perspective of love. Later, I called my five year old grandson and sang Happy Birthday to him over the phone. He laughed and shouted, "Thanks Grandma!"

I was nourished by the presence of my cereal angel, and as I sit here crunching the tasty delight, I smile.

Ooh, soooo good!