A Rose of Love

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear-and vice versa! Children are wise spiritual beings in young bodies and I have learned many spiritual truths from them." Jerry Jampolsky, Teach only Love

My granddaughter is very wise beyond her 8 years. She is very intuitive to others, and expresses such warmth and love that I am often moved to tears by her words and actions. Last year, she gave me the gift of peace and love during a very difficult time in my life.

We were at the funeral home where friends and family came to pay their respects to our family over the death of my father. I was astounded by the hundreds of people who came to show their love for my dad and our family. It really was an amazing gathering full of people young and old.  it was not a solemn affair, and that was a relief for us all. However, there was a ceremony that occurred during the evening that touched the deep sadness in my heart over losing my Dad.

My dad was a veteran; a Marine who served during WW11 and decorated with a purple heart. In the end, he was buried at Jefferson Barracks Cemetery with a military salute to his service at the graveside. I was impressed by this acknowledgment of my dad's service to his country and full of pride over the life that he led. He was a man of honor and integrity, full of love for his family, country and his fellow man.

In the middle of the visitation, people were seated for a short ceremony that was honoring my Dad's military service. It was a little confusing where to sit because there were so many people and not enough seats. I didn't see that the immediate family of my mom, sisters and I were to sit in the front. By the time I realized this, there were no seats near my mom. I was indecisive as to where to sit, and I felt like I neglected my mom by not paying attention to this. As I looked around to find a seat, I felt this small, warm hand in mine… it was my granddaughter. "Here Grandma, I'll sit with you."

My teacher had appeared… and she gently guided me to a seat nearby. In that moment, I felt such love from this young child who knew I needed love and comfort. I put my arm around her, kissed her on the head and thanked her.

During the ceremony, my mom, sisters and I were each given a rose. I gave mine to her. "Here , will you hold this for me?"

She took the rose and smiled sweetly at me; it was the perfect symbol for her…love.

Later, we added the rose to a vase placed near the casket where my dad's body lay. Each added rose contributed to a huge bouquet of large, red roses that matched the red tie he wore; the American Flag was draped respectfully over his casket.

She reminded me in that moment of the last words my dad spoke to me…"Never forget the love that we share…"

No Dad, Never…